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1994   Started textile dyestuff trading business
1998   Started to produce vat dyes in Jiangsu
2002   Started to produce direct dyes in Hebei
2002   Established hangzhou yida pigment paste co.,Ltd.
2002   Established R&D Center in Ningbo
2002   Ningbo DCC Chemicals Co.,Ltd. was founded mainly for export and import of dyes,pigments and chemical intermediates.

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2003   Started to produce liquid Indigo blue
2004   Started to produce liquid paper dyes
2004   Started to produce organic pigment in Jiangsu
2006   Para Organics India was founded mainly for raw materials sourcing from India
2007   United color-chem UK was founded for local logistic and technical services
2007   Started to invest on TIO2 business
2008   Made agreement with Shanghai Openchem for polymer and coating additive cooperation
2009   Issued strategy agreement with Anshan HiFi for high performance pigment cooperation .
2010   Started to sell TIO2
2010   Established Dyna-Poliver Europe for REACH registration and logistic service in Europe .
2010   Strategy cooperation with TEDA Golone chemical Co.,Ltd. for china local sale .
2012   Started resin business for coating.
2012   Moved R&D center to hangzhou.
2013   Established CNNC TIO2 sales office in Ningbo.
2013   Established Golone Ningbo office for China local sale.
2013   New investment on 6 pigment production lines with total 5000 mt capacity.
2013   Reconstruction of pigment paste plant and increased the capacity to 3500 mt per year.